Faculty Profile

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Specialization
1 Dr. Sanjay Tanwani Professor & Head Advance Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Advanced Database
2 Dr. Ugrasen Suman Professor Software Engineering, OOAD, Service-Oriented Computing, Big Data Software Engineering
3 Dr. Preeti Saxena Associate Professor Network Management, Mobile computing, Web Technology & Java Security
4 Dr. Shraddha Masih Reader Data Mining and Warehousing, Data Structures
5 Dr. Ajay Tiwari Sr. Lecturer Object Oriented Programming, Optimization Techniques, Networking
6 Dr. Archana Thakur Sr. Lecturer ERP, OS, Software Engineering, DS, AI , DBMS, OOP using C++/ JAVA
7 Dr. Deepak Abhyankar Software Engineer (Lecturer Equivalent) Data Science, Algorithms
8 Dr. Nitin Uikey Software Engineer (Lecturer Equivalent) Software Engineering, Information Technology Project Management, DBMS
9 Ms. Chaitali Uikey Lecturer Computer Network, OS, Simulation, Computer Architecture, DS
10 Er. Hitesh Ninama Lecturer Complier Design, TOC, Operating System , AI, Data Structures, DBMS
11 Mr. Chetan Awasthi Contract Lecturer Human Computer Interactions & Web Design
12 Mr. Pankaj Jagtap Contract Lecturer Information Security, Network Security
13 Mr. Mohit Kumar Verma Contract Lecturer DBMS, Data Mining
14 Ms. Tarjani Sevak Contract Lecturer C, C++, Database Management System, .Net, Website Designing.
15 Ms. Deepika Rai Contract Lecturer Data Structures and Algorithm
16 Ms. Sunita Gaur Contract Lecturer Discrete Mathematics, OS, DBMS, C, E- Learning System Archietecture
17 Mr. K. L. Suryawanshi Contract Lecturer C, C++, Data Structure, DBMS, JAVA, J2ME
18 Mr. Himanshukamal Verma Contract Lecturer Software Engineering, Data Structure, Information Storage and Management
Computer Center staff supporting teaching learning activities in department
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Maya Ingle Sr. System Analyst (Professor Equivalent) Software Engineering, Statistical Language Processing, Algorithms
2 Dr. Priyesh Kanungo Sr. System Engineer (Professor Equivalent) Advance Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures
3 Dr. Alok Tiwari Programmer (Lecturer Equivalent) Artificial Intelligence
4 Mr. Anand More Maintenance Engineer (Lecturer Equivalent) Wireless systems