Faculty Profile

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Specialization
1 Dr. Sanjay Tanwani Professor & Head Advance Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Advanced Database
2 Dr. Ugrasen Suman Professor Software Engineering, OOAD, Service-Oriented Computing, Big Data Software Engineering
3 Dr. Preeti Saxena Associate Professor Network Management, Mobile computing, Web Technology & Java Security
4 Dr. Shraddha Masih Reader Data Mining and Warehousing, Data Structures
5 Dr. Ajay Tiwari Sr. Lecturer Object Oriented Programming, Optimization Techniques, Networking
6 Dr. Archana Thakur Sr. Lecturer ERP, OS, Software Engineering, DS, AI , DBMS, OOP using C++/ JAVA
7 Dr. Deepak Abhyankar Software Engineer (Lecturer Equivalent) Data Science, Algorithms
8 Dr. Nitin Uikey Software Engineer (Lecturer Equivalent) Software Engineering, Information Technology Project Management, DBMS
9 Ms. Chaitali Uikey Lecturer Computer Network, OS, Simulation, Computer Architecture, DS
10 Er. Hitesh Ninama Lecturer Complier Design, TOC, Operating System , AI, Data Structures, DBMS
11 Mr. Chetan Awasthi Contract Lecturer Human Computer Interactions & Web Design
12 Mr. Pankaj Jagtap Contract Lecturer Information Security, Network Security
13 Er. Shantilal Dawar Contract Lecturer Information Security, Cloud Computing
14 Mr. Mohit Kumar Verma Contract Lecturer DBMS, Data Mining
15 Ms. Tarjani Sevak Contract Lecturer C, C++, Database Management System, .Net, Website Designing.
16 Ms. Deepika Rai Contract Lecturer Data Structures and Algorithm
17 Ms. Sunita Gaur Contract Lecturer Discrete Mathematics, OS, DBMS, C, E- Learning System Archietecture
18 Mr. K. L. Suryawanshi Contract Lecturer C, C++, Data Structure, DBMS, JAVA, J2ME
19 Mr. Himanshukamal Verma Contract Lecturer Software Engineering, Data Structure, Information Storage and Management
Computer Center staff supporting teaching learning activities in department
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Maya Ingle Sr. System Analyst (Professor Equivalent) Software Engineering, Statistical Language Processing, Algorithms
2 Dr. Priyesh Kanungo Sr. System Engineer (Professor Equivalent) Advance Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures
3 Dr. Alok Tiwari Programmer (Lecturer Equivalent) Artificial Intelligence
4 Mr. Anand More Maintenance Engineer (Lecturer Equivalent) Wireless systems