Language Lab

The language laboratory established in the year 2011 at School of Computer Science & IT, with UGC support and is used by all University Teaching Department (UTD) students. The main objective is to enhance students' language skills, communication skills, vocabulary, listening skills and pronunciation accuracy. Language Lab is a fully computerized client server application. It has an easy to use console displayed on the desktop of the server to facilitate the faculty to conduct the course. Students access the courseware through client systems.

By using the software tools (Globarena with three different unique modules EL, CL and AL) available in the laboratory, the students can learn on various aspects of communication.

Career Lab is designed to impart crucial career skills to students to make them confident and successful in career, academics and in life. Aptitude Lab is a reliable, valid, structured and effective source for students to solve the problems in less than 30 seconds. Aptitude Lab provides abundant practice for students to:

  • Learn and practice short methods / techniques for solving the questions
  • Prepare for company specific test pattern.